Clint Lowe​


I believe stories inspire us, and that they have done throughout the ages. Life and stories have that bond. We have our own challenges or call to a new part of our life, but we can be afraid to take it. That's what these ordinary guys and girls face in so many stories. 
As we watch them and see them come through the other side still standing, we're inspired to take that step and do the same. That's how I see life. 

I'm a self-taught writer. No BAs or MFAs or degrees here. I'd like to show others you can do it if you haven't had that opportunity. I Left high school at sixteen and went and worked in a chicken factory. Then became a painter and decorator. Then after work, I got busy teaching myself how to write stories.

My biggest influences are life itself. I love to travel, as most do, and try talk to people and take in life and its experiences. Then I use that in my stories. Other than that, my favorite writer I have read so far is Stephen King, but there are many close seconds.

And of course their is Rocky, and his inspiring story. 

Thanks Rocky.